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Bild 1 - From Broken To Bulletproof: Take the OWNERSHIP BACK to your own body

From Broken To Bulletproof: Take the OWNERSHIP BACK to your own body

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How would you like to NEVER get SICK AGAIN? You can develop LASER FOCUS by choosing the correct foods and not treating symptoms with medication. Would you believe you can LOSE weight and GAIN muscle by merely sleeping longer?

For those that do not know my story, I spent my childhood battling depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), along with constant body tightness and pain caused by scoliosis. At age 12 I was admitted into a hospital for depression and attempted suicide and subsequently placed in learning centers due to my learning disabilities. I was a mediocre student at best. I spent the next five years moving between different testing centers, hospitals, a military school and eventually an emotional growth boarding school before I began to find my way.

Due to medication my depression improved, my learning disabilities diminished and physical therapy helped negate the symptoms of my scoliosis. The problems were relieved but remained. The idea that this would be my life was something I did not understand nor accept. My psychiatrist told me this was how my brain was wired, and doctors told me that the knee, shoulder, ankle and various tendonitis/pains were normal for me. While some medications helped with my symptoms I was not satisfied with Western Medicine's diagnosis nor the prognosis that "I would just have to 'live with it.'

I spent the next fifteen years researching and educating myself to find a better way. I revised my diet, worked on mindset and experimented with stretching, mobility, yoga and other practices. I was able to eliminate the need for any medication. I turned my depression into gratefulness, morphed my learning disabilities into laser focus, and bulletproofed my body from injury and pain.

Since then, I have graduated with a Masters of Science and a 3.98 grade point average (out of a perfect 4.0), trained multiple world-class athletes, learned three languages, and have lecture worldwide and for the University of Tübingen Sports Science Department for Movement, Mobility, Rehabilitation & Lifestyle.

I have now taken my story, my history, my experience and CREATED a SYSTEM so that others do not need to go down the same road I did. There is a BETTER and MORE NATURAL way.

If you are interested, I would like to invite you to a FREE strategy call where I will go over simple changes you can make in your movement, mobility, nutrition, and sleep in order to optimize your day and learn how to be pain-free without the need of medicine or surgery.

What is Included in with the GTS Broken to Bulletproof Program:

Introduction: Welcome & let's KICK THE CRAP - This introduction module focuses on what we are going to learn, why it is important & how we want to start.

Module 1: LEARN YOUR STUFF - Learning how to move is one of the critical components to being pain-free. This module focuses on teaching you and your body how to move like a professional human. If you have a rock in your shoe, let's stop giving you medicine to numb the pain and take the stone out! The human body is the most sophisticated machine ever, and the problem is we were never given the owners manual. All of that is about to change!
  • Discover the blueprint to your body and learn how it can heal itself
  • How sitting, standing, bending, & turning were never adequately taught and the catastrophe this causes
  • Learn to read and follow your body's owners manual and become pain-free
  • Discover the secret movement system we were given, and when used you are bulletproof
  • Get the Body Map to learn what our posture should look like & learn the hacks to understand how to fix it - FAST

Module 2: THE ALL IN ONE FIX - Let me introduce you to a world that replaces medicine with movement, uses therapy to educate, and replaces braces/crutches with empowerment. This is where the rubber meets the road from the first module. Start your Corrective Exercise, Mobility, & Stretching Program to fix the posture problems found in module one. I suffered from every injury & pain you can imagine. Shoulder, plantar, knee, wrist tendonitis, scoliosis - and that is just the beginning. Now I am pain-free and will teach you the secrets to bulletproof yourself.
  • Learn why we start with corrective exercises & how they prep our body for GREATNESS
  • Learn the concepts behind mobility and why we do this before stretching
  • Learn why STRETCHING IS NOT DEAD & why it is a crucial part of your program
  • Begin to move like you once could & start doing the things again that you LOVE
  • Learn the postural & movement secrets that will keep you pain free for LIFE

Module 3: UNBREAKABLE MINDSET - I went from being a suicidal, depressed and shy kid with learning disabilities to living through a revolution, learning three languages and running my own company. Trust me when I tell you - it is all about the mindset.
  • The Mirror. Not the one in your bedroom, but the one that runs throughout your life
  • Duality. Learn to appreciate and even love what you hate, because without it we would be lost
  • Feedback Loops. These bad boys can either make or break you. Each loop is exponential, so having them work for you is crucial
  • To be or to become - that is the real question. You are who you want to be, become the person where your goals are merely standards
  • It is ALL YOUR FAULT - and you never felt better. The fault is a fantastic thing, and why you will learn to LOVE IT

Module 4: NUTRITION & THE GUT - Half of my life my depression & ADHD was misdiagnosed food allergies. I cleaned up my diet and life changed. My depression and ADHD was replaced my laser focus and a deep love for life
  • When a car is out of gas it stops, use the wrong type of gas, and you have even more significant problems. However, what about you? We don't stop. Unfortunately, we continue and make poor and sometimes very lucrative mistakes. Learn the real food science, so this does not happen to you!
  • Why the weakness in your gut is why you get sick
  • Bulletproof YOUR GUT – bulletproof YOURSELF
  • If bacteria is our friend, who is our enemy?
  • How the gut could be the onset of all brain disease
  • Start your 14-day meal plan with multiple PDF downloads to help you learn our system

Module 5: Get Cold, Get STRONG & BREATH - I went from living all over the world never being sick. Then I moved to Germany and was sick on average ten days every two months. Then I did everything the doctors told me not to do, and I have not been sick for over 2.5 years.
  • Learn why ice water is great, but a cold shower is enough
  • How all of us are breathing wrong, and this opens the door to disaster
  • Why cold water is much more than just a feeling
  • Understand our immune system, and then we can hack it!

Module 6: GET MORE Zzzzz - Why sleep is crucial to our existence and health. 0.1% of us can sleep six hours and not be negatively affected by it. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being someone in this group. So stop dreaming & start sleeping
  • Eat more, lose weight, and tap into secret energy – all by sleeping longer
  • Increase or decrease your memory by 40%. The decision is yours
  • Learn how one short night of sleep can effect your memory long-term & short term
  • Sleep: turn the lights off, don’t check your phone and light a candle
  • Truth. Alcohol, caffeine, and sleeping medication (including dark chocolate & hotels)
  • How one extra hour of sleep could make you millions – or how one less could lose you millions
Live Coaching Calls - Supported by Zoom software, you will have the opportunity to join my weekly live webinars on Instagram, but stay on for 1/2 hour for a private chat.

PRIVATE Facebook GROUP for members ONLY
  • Get Support From Others JUST LIKE YOU!
  • After purchasing the course, you will be sent an invitation to join the private Facebook group
  • This will allow you easier contact with me & help/support from others in the program
  • You will reinforce what you are learning by helping others, or ask questions and hear different experiences
  • Get access to more videos, blogs, and tips I post only for the members
How it works:

This is a six module-based program and can be done at your own pace. All options come with the live webinar and Zoom link, while the private coaching will be sold at a total of six one hour sessions. We will schedule the coaching session during each new module.

The launch of the "Broken To Bulletproof" program will be March 1st. The program is currently a downloadable PDF with private video links to all attachments. I am converting this to a Learning Management Module System (LMS) with a private log in access. Once this is finished, the presale price will be over.

There is always a 30 day money back guarantee, for specific questions please feel free to email me.
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