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The GTS Clean Eating Consult

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If you are having issues with what to eat, when to eat it, and what is healthy then the GTS Clean Eating Consult is for you!

From a very young age my ADHD, ADD, Bi-Polar Depression, and a host of other syndromes were completely misdiagnosed and where simple food allergies. I was not allergic to gluten, was ok with lactose and other dairy products - but my diet and food choices still resulted in all of these problems.

Doctors and psychiatrists placed me on high levels of Adderal, Ritalin, Prozac, Lithium, and a host of other drugs to help alleviate my symptoms. I was even sent to a mental hospital due to my depression and always placed in the "learning centers" of all my schools. It would not be years later that I would learn everything was directly connected with my diet!

I knew that food should not make me tired, but give me energy. Food should not put me in a coma where I would forget the most simple things like names, dates, or what I just learned (which was a disaster when I was still in school), but food should make me feel energized and prepare me to crush these things. So what was the switch? Cleaning up my diet, taking out the process foods and monitoring how much I ate - and finding the right research.

I am now thirty-seven years old, take absolutely no medication (including over the counter medications like Ibuprofen), easily read a book a week, and I have not been sick in over 2.5 years with the implementation of my LifeStyle program. The food I choose makes this easy for me and can do the same for you! I do not get anxious or "Hangry" when I get hungry, eat what I want and stay LAZER focused all day long.

The GTS Clean Eating Consult is a mix of my personal experience, more than six years of university education, and tons of research by the leading functional medicine doctors and nutritionists in the world. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dom D'Agostino, Chris Kresser, and investigative journalists like Nina Teicholz, Gary Taubes, and many more have opened up the world into functional medicine and nutrition. Implementing their research into the GTS Clean Eating Consult helps dramatic changes come instantly.

If you are tired of food hangovers, food cravings, food binging, or feeling tired after you eat - The GTS Clean Eating Consult is created for you! Together we will create a plan to fast track you to eating clean, feeling great, and crushing your entire day. There will be no more time wasted or fear of what to eat. I will give you the tools needed to quickly optimize your day, feel full of energy, and sleep like a baby in the evening. I will help debunk myths of the "importance of breakfast" or "one diet fits all" and together we will learn about the importance of intermittent fasting, food variety, and how every human is unique.
All Consultations Come With:
  • 60 minute one to one online meeting with me, David
  • Foods and Simple Tricks to Decrease Inflammation PDF
  • Sleep Better PDF
  • Lifetime Email and Client Support
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