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If you are a movement coach, manual therapist, lifestyle coach, or another in another facet of our field - The GTS Coach the Coach Consultation is a great way to step up your game.

A Little About Me:

After graduating top of my class in both my Sports Medicine undergraduate degree and my Masters in Human Performance & Injury Prevention I set out on a mission to never stop learning. At the age of just 24, I almost became a sports physio for the Harlem Globetrotters and Cirque Du Soliel. After I worked at the top tennis academy in the world where I worked with the top players in the world on their mobility, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. From there I bounced around to different countries and professional sports. I have been fortunate to pool information and experience from the top players in the National Football League (NFL), The National Hockey League (NHL), Pro Volleyball (AVP), Mens & Womens Tennis (ATP/WTA) and a myriad of other sports.

I also lived in countries like Egypt and traveled to countries like South Africa and Nigeria with a world-class junior tennis player where the simple necessaries were not available. So when one of the athletes almost died due to heat exhaustion, and the club did not want to take her to the hospital in fear of tarnishing their reputation - the idea of thinking outside the box is an understatement!

I now live in Germany, run my own business and research the field of Movement, Mobility, Injury Rehabilitation, & Lifestyle extensively. I lecture for the University of Tübingen's Sports Science Department and lecture for the large corporate companies like Mercedes and numerous German Federations on the topics mentioned above along with others like Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and the use of extreme temperatures to optimize human life.

What Is In It For You?

I hold nothing back and keep no secrets close to my chest. I am an open book and want to teach others my proven method. This is the only way we can change the world. Most of my coaching session are (but are not limited to)

Nutrition: My research is mainly in functional medicine. Learn what the most current research suggests and how we can implement it into our/our clients daily routine

Exercise: Breakdown of the current research and how we can make sense out of it all. I focus more on the weight loss, lifestyle, and non-competitive field.

Injury Rehabilitation: From Olympic athletes, world champions, tactical athletes to moms, dads, and kids - I focus and specialize on getting them injury free without the use of medicine or surgery. This is a very simple field to understand and is often sold to people as "rocket science." My personal opinion is that this is only a scare tactic to "secure" the field for the "trained professionals" This is wrong, and I will turn you into a rehab MACHINE!

Corrective Exercise Programming: Another field that is sold as "difficult" or should be kept to the "trained professionals." This is wrong and not fair, I will teach you my template and give you the confidence to rehab with the best of them!

LifeStyle: I have not been sick for over two years, and I sit in the snow close to naked and wet. I will teach you my system so you can do the same. It goes against everything we were ever taught. However, I am 37 and NEVER SICK! Trust me. It was not always like this either. I went from almost always being sick with doing everything "correct" to doing everything against the grain and becoming UNBREAKABLE!

Social Media for the Health Professional: If you are working for yourself then you understand how important social media is. From blogging, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and simply just getting noticed - it is a noisy place, and you must get seen. I am happy to share with you and educate you about the mistakes I made along the way, along with what worked!
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