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Less than ten years ago we were forced to see the physical therapists, osteopaths, and other allied health professionals in our local area and hope they were the right fit for our needs. Now that almost seems ridiculous, and we have the opportunity to search the entire globe to locate the exact professional we want to work with.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for me. Being diagnosed with SCOLIOSIS at a young age, and having genetics that made my muscles tight I was always subject to more pain than others and when it comes to injuries - I have had them all. From shoulder tendonitis in both shoulders, achilles tendonitis in both ankles, knee tendonitis in both knees, and chronic hip and back pain from my scoliosis - I sometimes thought the pain was just part of my life.

However, I was lucky enough to take my traditional education and combine it with my life experiences and worldwide research to find a better way. This was the birth of my passion for creating Grant Training Systems.

In the five years that GTS is located in Germany, I am batting 100% and have fixed every injury that came through my office door. The amount of clients that are back to doing what they loved when numerous health practitioners told them it was not possible is mind-blowing. From a father thinking he could never ski again to beating his two sons in a downhill race less than twelve months later and having people competing in triathlons when they were told to stop running is only the beginning of the success stories.

By combining my Sports Medicine degree, Masters in Human Performance & Injury Prevention, over 15 years of experience, and my proven method based on Movement, Mobility, Injury Rehabilitation, & LifeStyle I have saved hundreds from unneeded surgeries and harmful medications. Most importantly, I have got them back to doing what they love and doing it pain-free.

All ConsultThe GTS Virtual Consultation consists of two 45 minutes meetings and a private playlist of all exercises to get you pain free. The first 45 minute meeting we will discuss what your injury is, how long it has been bothering you, and what you need to do so it disappears. I will make a private playlist for you with all the exercises needed and send it to you in 1 business day. We will have our second 45 minute meeting 1-2 weeks after you have started your program to measure your success and make any changes needed.

You will have lifelong access to your private playlist and it can be accessed on both computers and all mobile devices. Both 45 minute consultations will be recorded using Zoom software and sent via an mp4 document. This allows you to reference back to our conversation and eliminates the responsibility for any extreme note taking on your end or fear that you will forget what we discussed. All virtual consultations come with life-long email support.

Please email me if you have any questions. This Virtual Consultation has helped hundreds of people become pain-free worldwide and I am confident it can do the same for you

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