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Bild 1 - The GTS Ankle & Foot Rehabilitation & Mobility Program 2.0

The GTS Ankle & Foot Rehabilitation & Mobility Program 2.0

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GTS Online Program Description Video from David Grant - GTS on Vimeo.

From multiple years of lacrosse, functional training, and a myriad of other issues I had sprained my ankle numerous times. This eventually lead me to have a tight achilles and plantar fascia which later transformed itself into plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. My ankle was a mess, I was in pain, and no one could help. The GTS Ankle & Foot Rehabilitation & Mobility Program 2.0 was EXACTLY what I used to rehab my ankle and foot - essentially bulletproofing it future injury. It has been over five years now, and I have been problem/pain-free!

The GTS Ankle & Foot Program focuses on not just 1 issue causing the pain - but all 3! From the CORRECTIVE EXERCISES to warm up and strengthen the shoulder to the MOBILITY PROGRAM to release the neurological tightness, and finally the STRETCHING PROGRAM that focuses on the actual shortened tissue. I have also included a few bonus sections which I explain below!

All programs come with:

A Corrective Exercises Program, Mobility Program, & Stretching Program put into two different routines. A five-day routine which consists of around 15-20 minutes of work daily or a three-day routine that needs about 30-45 minutes/day. Most clients recognize a huge difference in their pain within the first week! All videos are privately listed on Vimeo in HD with many using a dual camera system to help you understand the exercise better!

I have also included a LifeStyle & Movement portion of the program for free. The LifeStyle is what I use daily, and it has kept me from being sick for over 2.5 years and counting! The Movement program will help teach you the essentials of clean movement and how we can use that versus medicine to stay pain-free

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