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Bild 1 - The GTS Low Back Pain & Hip Mobility & Rehab Program

The GTS Low Back Pain & Hip Mobility & Rehab Program

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The GTS Lower Back & Hip Mobility program is one that I hold close to my heart. Suffering from Scoliosis from a young age, it was normal for my back to always hurt. I am sure the medical professionals that I saw only wanted to help, but their advice of taking medication and and doing remedial therapy exercises was not the right prescription for me. It was not until I developed a sound education and experience into how the body works that I was able to create a better way. Through the understanding of balancing the body's natural strength and mobility systems, I am currently living a life completely free of back pain. While medicine and drugs may have a place in conventional medicine, my goal is to help you find a better way just like I helped myself.


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5.0 Stars Great Program & Extremely Helpful!   from Clayton
David's Lower Back Program was a life saver! My job consists of my traveling quite a bit, and it was starting to harm my back and overall mobility. After watching David's video about what each program comes with I was sold. I knew this was the right program for me and wanted to get started ASAP.Not only was the program straightforward to follow with great sound and video quality, but I like his movement versus medicine approach. This program does a lot more than merely fixing your back pain and increasing your hip mobility. His "Movement" program taught me how simple movements (like bending, turning, and squatting) wrong could be the culprit of my pain. The Lifestyle portion was great because it gave me simple things I could implement into my day that supported the work I was doing for my back.I am so excited to be back to doing what I love again. From running, hiking, or playing with my daughter. This program not only helped me become pain-free, but it taught me the tools to stay that way! All in a much shorter time than I ever expected
5.0 Stars Amazing Program   from Chad
This program is awesome! I was searching online for a good program and new about David from his Instagram account. I was excited to see that he had a program focusing on lower back pain & hip mobility because I def needed to focus on both of them and was pretty sure that was where my back pain was coming from.I knew from David's Instagram page that he takes his time and deliveries excellent quality & content on everything he does. However, I was even more surprised to see the attention to detail he put in this program. The professional microphones, dual cameras, and great lighting made the program that much more enjoyable to watch and follow along with.Most important, however, are the results. After just a few weeks of doing David's program, my back pain had GREAT DIMINISHED. I am now over 2 months in and my back pain has honestly become something of the distant past.